Public call for the Assembly of Shareholders

Annual report for 2015


Residential units with sizes from 46-73 PL2 nine levels and attic and office space on the ground floor. Parking is possible in two underground parking levels and the level of the location. Seismic constructive system of reinforced concrete columns, beams and screens that fully responds to all permanent and useful gravitational loading, and random-horizontal seismic loads. Security doors in blindor with a safety lock housing and lock in a horizontal and vertical axis. External facade of thermal wall blocks d = 25cm and 8cm external thermal insulation, provides factor of heat conductivity 0.26 and thus exceeding the requirements of the new Regulation on the energy performance of buildings in Macedonia. External carpentry from PVC embedded metal fittings, external chetirisezonsko glass and filled with argon which provides thermal conductivity U = 1.0 (W / mpK). Provided sun protection with PVC shutters hidden in boxes. House fully meets all necessary measures to protect against fires and explosions dangerous substances. The object is adapted for people with disabilities.