DG Beton AD Skopje is a modern construction company that executes civil works in wide range of areas:d

  • Civil and craft works;
  • All types of craft works (plumbing, electrical, mechanical);
  • Buildings (administrative, apartment buildings);
  • Design, construction and sale of apartments;
  • Civil engineering construction (roads, bridges, tunnels);
  • Hydro construction (dams, hydro systems);
  • Industrial construction (factories, halls, silos);
  • Reconstruction, adaptation and rehabilitation;
  • Preparation of technical and investment documentation, civil elaborates and projects;
  • Design and preparation of the technological processes and methodologies of building;
  • Various engineering, craft and civil services;
  • Preparation of concrete, reinforcement steel and formwork;
  • Construction machines - services for third party;
  • Interiors.