DG Beton AD Skopje is contemporary constructive company that meets and implements the highest standards and demands in area of safety, security, ecology, technological development and innovation. We are trying to offer the best in construction industry to all of our customers by constantly working on our development, satisfying the strict criteria of Certification Association and permanently modernizing our operations.

DG Beton AD Skopje is company ready to execute and to be part of construction and designing of buildings of any kind and size to any location worldwide. This is result of qualified and experience staff, modern equipment and mechanization and the commitment of each individual.

We can’t present here all the buildings that we have constructed, but we can said that 65 years we build the image of our country, the cities in our country, as well as in foreign coutries. Our constructive style can be recognizing in many others cities and countries. Our token will remain in Germany, Libya, Czech Republic, Iraq, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Lithuania…

Here we present only a small part of what Beton has constructed and created, a small portion of our activities, mostly in the recent years. Please take a look in gallery of executed objects, and you will be convinced in our universality, quality and possibilities.

Yours truly Beton